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While we greatly appreciate any and all contributions, we want to especially recognize the following for their very gracious and generous support of JURIST.

Benefactors - annual gifts valued at greater than $10,000

Sponsors - annual gifts valued at $1,000 or higher

Patrons - annual gifts valued at $500 or higher

  • Matthew Glenn
  • Bernard J. Hibbitts

Partners - annual gifts valued at $250 or higher

  • Christopher Buell
  • Devin Montgomery
  • Steven Pacillio
  • Caitlin Price
  • Jeannie Shawl
  • Quintes and Cynthia Taglioli
  • James Wiegert

Friends - annual gifts valued at $100 or higher

  • Bruce Baron
  • Dean Bottorff
  • Richard Branson
  • Christian Ehret
  • Sara Fotopulos
  • Harold Hartinger
  • Patrick Imhof
  • Anthony Infanti
  • Katherine Jackson
  • John and Kathy Lees
  • Patricia Little
  • Toni Locy
  • Michael McAdoo
  • William McNeill
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JURIST is a non-profit corporation, registered as a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. As such, contributions to JURIST generally are deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Why does JURIST need your help?

Due to general economic circumstances completely outside of our control, we are anticipating a significant reduction in funding (meaning several tens of thousands of dollars) from our primary benefactors for our next fiscal year. If not offset, this reduction has the potential to directly affect JURIST's ability to maintain its current operations.

Specifically, JURIST needs funds to:

  • Redesign the JURIST.org website
  • Fully develop a mobile version of JURIST.org, as well as iPhone and Android apps
  • Increase outreach efforts to JURIST's audience
  • Develop new programming, including audio and video coverage, seminars and conferences that will directly benefit our community
  • Cover costs associated with managing our law student staff, such as development of staff manuals, training materials, and even the occassional pizza
  • Establish an emergency reserve to cope with technical crises in a timely fashion
  • Add professional staff support for JURIST's Commentary
  • Add professional technical support
  • Ensure continued funding for JURIST's existing professional staff
Did you know?

In the last year, JURIST:

  • has published over 2,250 news stories, 325 expert commentaries, and 7 special features at JURIST.org
  • hired an Executive Director, joining the Research Director as full-time professional staff.
  • doubled its student staff so that JURIST now has over sixty (60) part-time student staffers
  • moved all of its content to its own dedicated server, colocated at a professional data center