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Documenting law. Empowering people. Educating the world.

JURIST is at a crossroads in its development. Although JURIST currently receives support from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law (for which we are very grateful), we are in fact a completely separate entity. In fact, funding for the majority of our operating expenses, including those that support our professional staff, come from sources outside of Pitt Law, including The Institute for Law and Systems Research, Justia, and individual donors who believe in our mission. Over the past several years, JURIST has continued to grow as we strive to fulfill that mission. And while we run an extremely lean business model, we operate in a field of ever increasing costs, particularly as we plan for our future. To continue to survive, to pursue our mission of documenting law to empower people and educate the world, we now need your help. No donation is too small (although we won't turn down large contributions either). Please consider giving now, and please read below to learn more about JURIST.

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Why support JURIST?

Traditionally, legal information, whether in the form of news, expert commentary or even original source documents, has been provided at a cost. Some services sell ads. Some require registration or even purchase of subscriptions. There is nothing inherently wrong with these approaches, but they simply do not coexist with JURIST's core mission. Quite simply, we believe we can reach more people - and thereby educate and empower more people - by eliminating traditional barriers to legal information. That means no subscriptions, no registrations and no advertising. Instead, we depend on the support of people that use and believe in JURIST. People like you!

Documenting law. Empowering people. Educating the world.

That is our mission. It's what we do. If you agree with us that it is important...if you believe it has value...we ask you to support our cause.

How much is that worth to you?

What is JURIST?

JURIST is the world's only law school-based comprehensive legal news service. JURIST highlights legal issues and areas that may get left out by regular legal news coverage in mainstream media. JURIST globalizes law, balancing coverage to bring world issues to the attention of its readers in the US and filtering its US coverage to keep that in scale with its global reporting. It's a very portable perspective that makes JURIST a truly customizable legal news source. JURIST, in practice, draws more attention to legal issues in the developing world - Africa and parts of Asia especially - than do other online or print legal news providers.

JURIST aims to objectively provide readers with the primary source materials and contextual information which will enable them to form their own opinions about the legal developments affecting their lives. JURIST serves its audience by providing hard facts as well as serious analysis of important legal developments around the world, all in an ad-free environment with no subscription necessary. Hundreds of thousands of visitors consume JURIST's content each month through our website, RSS feeds, email distribution, Facebook and Twitter.

What is JURIST's mission?

JURIST's mission is to document the law to educate the world and empower people.

It has been said that information equals power. At JURIST, we believe that education about legal developments is central to empowering people to shape the world around them. At our core, we view ourselves as educators, with the Internet as our big virtual classroom. In this manner, JURIST is truly a unique and extraordinary vehicle that can be used to inform and educate not just a few "paying customers" in a physical location like a law school, but hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Our news agenda and commentaries are our daily syllabus, the guide by which we provide visitors with critical materials allowing them to see and understand legal issues for themselves.

But educating our audience is only half the story. JURIST's staff includes over 60 law students. These students not only learn about the events that they cover, but also develop and practice research and writing skills that meet the needs of the 21st century. Students learn where to find substantive legal information, including original source materials, outside of traditional pay services. Students also learn to write fluidly, accurately and concisely on potentially unfamiliar topics and under extremely short deadlines. Ultimately, when our students enter practice, these skills will benefit their clients, colleagues and the bench. In this way, JURIST is preparing these students to be better lawyers and, hopefully, improving the practice of law itself.


JURIST is a non-profit corporation, registered as a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. As such, contributions to JURIST generally are deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Why does JURIST need your help?

Due to general economic circumstances completely outside of our control, we are anticipating a significant reduction in funding (meaning several tens of thousands of dollars) from our primary benefactors for our next fiscal year. If not offset, this reduction has the potential to directly affect JURIST's ability to maintain its current operations.

Specifically, JURIST needs funds to:

  • Redesign the JURIST.org website
  • Fully develop a mobile version of JURIST.org, as well as iPhone and Android apps
  • Increase outreach efforts to JURIST's audience
  • Develop new programming, including audio and video coverage, seminars and conferences that will directly benefit our community
  • Cover costs associated with managing our law student staff, such as development of staff manuals, training materials, and even the occassional pizza
  • Establish an emergency reserve to cope with technical crises in a timely fashion
  • Add professional staff support for JURIST's Commentary
  • Add professional technical support
  • Ensure continued funding for JURIST's existing professional staff
Did you know?

In the last year, JURIST:

  • has published over 2,250 news stories, 325 expert commentaries, and 7 special features at JURIST.org
  • hired an Executive Director, joining the Research Director as full-time professional staff.
  • doubled its student staff so that JURIST now has over sixty (60) part-time student staffers
  • moved all of its content to its own dedicated server, colocated at a professional data center