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The Business of American Courts in Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum
October 2, 2012
JURIST Guest Columnists Michael Hausfeld and Kristen Ward Broz of Hausfeld, LLP argue that the jurisdiction of US courts should apply to any entity that has a presence within the US...Addressing Petitioners' oral argument before the US Supreme Court in Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum.... [more]

Double Standards in American Trade Policy: Russia and China
September 11, 2012
JURIST Guest Columnist Kambiz Behi of EnterInvest and JURIST Columnist Edsel Tupaz of Tupaz & Associates examine discrepancies in the treatment of the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation under US trade policy...On August 22, Russia formally acceded into the World Trade Organization.... [more]

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