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Course Pages
  • Biotech Torts
    Edward P. Richards, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law (Winter, 2002)
  • Introduction to Torts
    Edward P. Richards, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law (Fall, 1999)
  • Products Liability
    Dorsey Ellis, Washington University School of Law, Saint Louis (Spring, 2002)
  • Products Liability and Safety Law: An American and Comparative Approach
    Rogelio Lasso, Washburn University School of Law (Summer, 2001)
  • Restitution
    Peter Junger, Case Western Reserve University School of Law (n.d.)
  • Torts
    Robert Bickel, Stetson University College of Law (Fall, 2001)
  • Torts
    Katherine Franke, Columbia Law School (Fall, 2001)
  • Torts
    Shuba Ghosh, Georgia State University College of Law (Spring, 2000)
  • Torts
    Rachel Moran, UC Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law (Fall, 2001)
  • Torts
    Edward P. Richards, University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law (Fall, 2001)
  • Torts
    John Rogers, University of Kentucky College of Law (2001)
  • Torts
    Thomas Russell, University of Denver College of Law (2001-02)
  • Torts
    Michael Rustad, Suffolk University School of Law (Fall, 2001)
  • Torts
    Charles Shafer, University of Baltimore School of Law (Fall, 2001)
  • Torts
    Nicolas Terry, Saint Louis University School of Law (Fall, 2001)
  • Torts
    Bradley Wendel, Washington & Lee Law School (Fall, 2001)
  • Torts
    Jonathan Zittrain, Harvard Law School (Fall, 2001)

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From the Editor...

Welcome to the JURIST Torts Guide.

First, I hope this will become a useful space as you research in Tort law. Conventional research resources have rendered transparent most tort law doctrine. However, as teachers and researchers we will increasingly contextualize our subject area, increasing the value of web content. This area of JURIST starts from an inclusive position, and currently I view it as a container for areas as diverse as products liability, professional malpractice and mass torts.

Second, I view this space as an opportunity to explore the growth of Cybertorts issues. As internet-related litigation proceeds down the road to maturity we will see an increase in cyberspace-based fact-patterns implicating Tort law and we will need to reflect on the appropriateness of our current doctrinal structures. To give two concrete examples, I believe that the migration of consumer services (such as cybermedicine) to the web will jump-start inquiries into cybertorts. Second, I anticipate many of our doctrinal tenets (such as foreseeability in the face of web site personalization and consumer targeting) will require reassessment when applied to cyberspace fact-patterns.

Suggestions for expanding or correcting this subject guide are welcome. Please contact the editor at

Nicolas P. Terry is Professor of Law at Saint Louis University where he is a member of the Center for Health Law Studies. He is the co-author of Problems in Insurance Law (West, 1989), Cases, Materials And Problems in the Law of Torts (Michie/LP, 1991, 1997), and Products Liability, Cases, Material, Problems (Michie/LP, 1994, 1998 Supp.). His most recent article is Cyber-Malpractice: Legal Exposure for Cybermedicine, 25 Am. J. Law & Med. 327-66 (1999) (PDF). He was a founding member of the LEXIS-NEXIS *LEAP* board and a member of both the CALI Editorial Board and the CALI Board of Directors.