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   ... edited by Gary Neustadter, Santa Clara University School of Law

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  • Contract Law
    Eric Talley, University of Southern California Law School (Fall 1999)
  • Contracts
    Amy Bushaw, Lewis & Clark College, Northwestern School of Law (Fall, 2001)
  • Contracts
    Seth Chandler, University of Houston Law Center (Fall, 2000)
  • Contracts
    Omri Ben-Shahar, University of Michigan Law School (Winter, 2001)
  • Contracts
    Jeff Ferriell, Capital University Law School (Spring, 2002)
  • Contracts
    Charles Goetz, University of Virginia School of Law (Fall, 1998)
  • Contracts
    Michael Madison, University of Pittsburgh School of Law (Fall, 2001)
  • Contracts
    Bruce Markell, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, William S. Boyd School of Law (Spring 2001)
  • Contracts
    Gary Neustadter, Santa Clara University School of Law (2001-02)
  • Contracts
    David Raack & Stephen Veltri, Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law (n.d.)
  • Contracts
    Joel Reidenberg, Fordham University School of Law (Fall, 1997)
  • Contracts
    Val Ricks, South Texas College of Law (Fall, 2001)
  • Contracts
    Thomas Russell, University of Denver College of Law (2001-02)
  • Contracts
    Peggie Smith, Chicago-Kent College of Law (Spring, 2002)
  • Contracts
    Bob Works, University of Nebraska College of Law (2001-02)
  • Contracts I
    Dane S. Ciolino, Loyola University New Orleans School of Law (Fall, 2001)

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From the Editor...

Welcome to the JURIST Contracts Guide. I encourage your contributions, suggestions, and corrections (directed to so that, together, we can build an increasingly useful on-line source of information and scholarship related to contract law that will be useful to students, academics, lawyers, judges, and other professionals with an interest in the subject.

Gary Neustadter is a Professor of Law at Santa Clara University School of Law, Santa Clara, California. He teaches Contracts, Debtors and Creditors Rights, Sales, and Secured Transactions. He is developing electronic casebooks for Secured Debt and Contracts using a format that he describes on JURIST in Rethinking Electronic Casebooks. The Secured Debt electronic casebook as well as other on-line materials can be accessed via his web site.