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  • (Coalition for Networked Information's Copyright & Intellectual Property Forum). Send the following message to subscribe cni-copyright Yourfirstname Yourlastname

  • (Copyright Law Professors List; closed, moderated discussion list, begun in June 1998, focusing on copyright law questions; subscription is limited to law professors; intellectual property). Send the following message to subscribe copyrightprof Your Name

  • ipProfs (unmoderated list for intellectual property professors in the United States and abroad - and for those interested in intellectual property education, including those teaching survey courses or administrators broadly concerned about educating IP lawyers; discussions can cover curricular design, how to teach particular subjects in the classroom, events of educational significance, etc.). To subscribe, send an e-mail message indicating the reasons you are interested in subscribing to the ipProfs list to Tom Field, Franklin Pierce Law Center, at

  • (Trademark Law; list for discussion of the practice of trademark law, pending legislation and case law among lawyers and law students; intellectual property). Send the following message to subscribe trademarks-l Your Name
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From the Editor...

Welcome to the JURIST Guide to Intellectual Property law. Scholars and policy makers in this field were, perhaps not surprisingly, among the earliest and most ardent users of the web in disseminating information. There is therefore a huge wealth of intellectual property resources online. This site serves as an entry point to these resources.

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Graeme B. Dinwoodie is Professor of Law and Freehling Scholar at the Chicago-Kent College of Law. His casebook on International Intellectual Property Law and Policy (with Hennessey and Perlmutter) was recently published by LexisNexis Publishing.