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Vjosa Osmani Vjosa Osmani, MP

Visiting Professor of Law Vjosa Osmani is a lecturer of international law educated in Kosovo and the United States. Apart from teaching, she also serves as an elected member of the national Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo. Now serving her third mandate as an MP, Dr. Osmani is the most voted woman in the history of parliamentary elections in the Republic of Kosovo, and the second most voted official in her party, Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK). She has served as Chair of the Committee for European Integration and Vice-Chair of the Committee for Constitutional Reforms in Kosovo.

Dr. Osmani has completed her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Prishtina, whereas her Masters and Doctorate degree at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Law. She currently teaches at the University of Prishtina and at R.I.T. Kosovo. She has now returned to Pittsburgh as a Visiting Professor to teach “State-building and the Law: The Kosovo Experience”. For her accomplishments and contribution in the area of human rights and rule of law, Dr. Osmani was awarded the 2017 Sheth International Achievement Award by the University of Pittbsurgh.

Before running for parliamentary elections, Dr. Osmani served as Chief of Staff and Foreign Policy Advisor as well as Legal Advisor to the President of the Republic of Kosovo. During this period, she was President’s representative in the Constitutional Commission, the body that drafted the first Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo. She was also a member of the Kosovo legal team at the International Court of Justice in the advisory proceedings related to Kosovo’s Declaration of Independence. Dr. Osmani's work mostly focuses on rule of law (initiatives in fighting corruption and organized crime and ensuring an independent judiciary), foreign policy (in particular the Euro-Atlantic integration process and relations with the United States), human rights, social and equality issues (social inclusion, gender equality, access to justice, freedom of speech, etc.

SJD, University of Pittsburgh School of Law
LLM, University of Pittsburgh School of Law
BA, University of Prishtina