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Monday, June 21

Law profs' letter urges congressional action on Iraq abuses
Adam Henry

Leading law school news in June, nearly 500 legal scholars - most of them professors of law - have signed a letter urging Congress to take action on human rights abuses in US-occupied Iraq. Specifically, the letter asks Congress to assess responsibility for the abuses, and to decide whether the US should have an official policy on coercive interrogation. Most boldly, it calls for "the impeachment and removal from office of any civil officer of the United States responsible" for the abuses. The letter is the brainchild of ten professors at Harvard Law School, who began its circulation among the national faculty ranks on May 28, and sent it to Congress on June 16. Among the familiar names already attached to the letter are Bruce Ackerman, Derrick Bell, Alan Dershowitz, and Laurence Tribe. See Harvard Law's press release and an earlier report in Harvard's Crimson for more.

In other news, two prominent institutions made Monday a major day for law school news by announcing the appointment of new deans. On the East Coast, Columbia Law School announced the promotion of tax scholar David Schizer [scroll down] to its top administrative position. At just 35, he becomes, according to Columbia's press release, "the youngest dean of the nation's top law schools." Meanwhile, on the West Coast, the UCLA School of Law announced the recruitment of housing law and policy specialist Michael Schill from the New York University School of Law to its own top position. See UCLA's press release for more. Following colleague Larry Kramer, who leaves later this year for Stanford Law School (see JURIST's report), Schill becomes the second star recruit to leave NYU for a West Coast deanship, capping what Professor Brian Leiter calls a "brutal year" for the school.

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