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Catching Our Eye
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  • Anderson, Lloyd C. Direct shipment of wine, the Commerce Clause and the Twenty-first Amendment: a call for legislative reform. 37 Akron L. Rev. 1-39 (2004).
  • Bogatko, John. Stem cell research: a comparative legal analysis. 6 J. Med. & L. 123-146 (2002).
  • Eckes, Suzanne. The thirtieth anniversary of Title IX: women have not reached the finish line. 13 S. Cal. Rev. L. & Women痴 Stud. 3-34 (2003).
  • Engle, Karen. Constructing good aliens and good citizens: legitimizing the war on terrorism. 75 U. Colo. L. Rev. 59-114 (2004).
  • Hoffmann, Elizabeth A. Selective sexual harassment: differential treatment of similar groups of women workers. 28 Law & Hum. Behav. 29-45 (2004).
  • Kaplan, Richard L. Enron, pension policy, and Social Security privatization. 46 Ariz. L. Rev. 53-90 (2004).
  • Knaplund, Kristine S. Postmortem conception and a father痴 last will. 46 Ariz. L. Rev. 91-115 (2004).
  • Lastowka, F. Gregory and Dan Hunter. The laws of the virtual worlds. 92 Cal. L. Rev. 1-73 (2004).
  • Medwed, Daniel S. The zeal deal: prosecutorial resistance to post-conviction claims of innocence. 84 B.U. L. Rev. 125-183 (2004).
  • Moon, Marilyn. Modernizing Medicare痴 benefit structure. 60 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 1207-1231 (2003).
  • Wilson, Stephen R. Public disclosure policies: can a company still protect its trade secrets? 38 New Eng. L. Rev. 265-291 (2004).
  • Yuracko, Kimberly A. Private nurses and Playboy Bunnies: explaining permissible sex discrimination. 92 Cal. L. Rev. 147-213 (2004).