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JURIST is the Internet's legal education portal, the university-based academic gateway to authoritative legal instruction, information and scholarship online.

JURIST is edited by a team of Net-literate law professors from law schools across the United States and around the world. It's designed for people learning, teaching or researching law - legal scholars, law students, law librarians, lawyers and judges, journalists, and interested citizens. JURIST is hosted in the US at the University of Pittsburgh, and publishes special editions for more than 110 US law schools. It has a UK affiliate at Cambridge University, a Canadian affiliate at the University of Toronto, an Australian affiliate at Macquarie University (Sydney), and foreign correspondents in another 30 countries. JURIST has received multiple awards and distinctions, and has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the National Law Journal, the National Post (Toronto), and the Daily Telegraph (London).

What can I do on JURIST?

On JURIST you can learn, research and discuss law in ways not convenient or even possible in print, or for that matter on most other legal Web sites.

For just a few specific examples, click on one of the following options. Are you:

On JURIST, a law professor can: On JURIST, a law student can: On JURIST, a law librarian can: On JURIST, a lawyer or a judge can: On JURIST, a journalist can: On JURIST, a citizen interested in the law can:

How can I find legal information on JURIST?

There are several ways to access JURIST's content. JURIST's home page contains a breakdown of JURIST's various sections by category:


For easy access, this breakdown is replicated in the side-bar appearing on the top left of every JURIST page, including this one (scroll up and take a look!). If you can't find what you're looking for by scanning the categories, try JURIST's site Site Index, which lists all of JURIST's sections alphabetically.

If that doesn't work, or if you're looking for very specific information on JURIST, type a keyword or phrase into the Search box built into the top left-hand corner of every JURIST page. When using Search, remember that this is a search of JURIST's own pages, not a search of the pages to which JURIST links.

One last bit of advice: if you ever get lost or confused while navigating within JURIST, simply click on the JURIST logo in the top left hand corner of any JURIST screen; you'll immediately be returned to JURIST's homepage.

How can I add information to JURIST?

JURIST is always looking for new listings: new law-related Web pages, new conference announcements, new notices of academic positions available, and so on. To submit information to JURIST, simply e-mail your URL, announcement or notice to JURIST@law.pitt.edu. JURIST does not charge for listings; JURIST reserves the right to edit or limit listings, announcements or notices as appropriate.

How can I keep up to date with JURIST?

JURIST is updated multiple times daily as new information comes in to our editors. To keep up to date with JURIST and the latest online legal information:

  • make JURIST your homepage. It's easy to make JURIST the first page your browser loads every time you go on to the Web (some people also call this a "start page"). For simple instructions on how to adjust your browser, click here.

  • bookmark JURIST. By bookmarking JURIST you can easily come back to it at a later time, or in a later session. To Bookmark JURIST in Netscape, simply click on "Bookmarks" in the top left portion of your screen, and select "Add to Bookmarks". In Microsoft Internet Explorer, click on "Favorites" in the top menu bar and select "Add to Favorites." We recommend bookmarking JURIST's home page as that is the most convenient access point to the entire site.

  • subscribe to JURIST Update. Every week during the academic term, JURIST publishes a free e-mail newsletter informing readers about new sections, features, columns and listings added to JURIST and its affiliates in the past week. To subscribe to JURIST Update, simply fill out and submit the form on the right side of JURIST's home page ("My JURIST" users should scroll down on the right hand side).

Can JURIST help me with my legal problem?

Unfortunately, no. As much as we might like to help you, JURIST's staff cannot maintain this site and answer requests for legal advice at the same time. If you have a legal problem, please consult a licensed attorney in your area. If you live in the United States and don't know where to turn, you may wish to take advantage of the American Bar Associations's free Lawyer Referral Services. You may also find useful legal resources on USLaw.com, TheLaw.com, FindLaw, and other commercial sites geared towards providing legal advice and services to the general public.