CILE Studies Volume IV


  Drafting Contracts
Under the CISG

Practitioner's Introduction
V. Susanne Cook

I. The CISG Challenge in Drafting Contracts

25 Years of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods
Jernej Sekolec, Secretary, UNCITRAL

A Comparative Perspective on the CISG
Vivian Grosswald Curran, University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Using the Digest and Other CISG Resources
Albert H. Kritzer, Institute of International Commercial Law, Pace University School of Law

II. General Contract Drafting Issues:   Choosing the CISG (or Not); Choosing the Forum; Choosing Supplementary Law

Choice of Law and the CISG:   Opting In and Opting Out
Michael Bridge, University College London

Choice of Forum and CISG:   Remarks on the Latter's Impact on the Former
Franco Ferrari, University of Veron

A New Role for Litigation in CISG Contracts:   The 2005 Hague Choice of Court Convention
Ronald A. Brand, University of Pittsburgh School of Law

25 Years of the CISG:   An International lingua franca for Drafting Uniform Laws, Legal Principles, Domestic Legislation, and Transnational Contracts
—Peter H. Schlechtriem, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

III. Business Economics of Drafting for the CISG

Preliminary Agreements and CISG Contracts
Marco Torsello, University of Bologna

The Business Lawyer's Perspective
Sandra Saiegh, United Nations Procurement Service

The CISG:   Perspectives From an Economist
Kenneth Lehn, Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh

Specific Contract Drafting Issues:   Formation
Contract Formation:   UCC and CISG
John E. Murray, Jr., Duquesne University

CISG Articles 14‑24
Pilar Perales Viscasillas, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Addressing Parol Evidence Issues in Contracts Governed by the CISG
Harry M. Flechtner, University of Pittsburgh School of Law

IV. Specific Contract Drafting Issues:   Performance

Tooling Up for Warranties with the CISG Case Digest
Joseph Lookofsky, University of Copenhagen

Force Majeure and CISG Article 79:   Competing Approaches and Some Drafting Advice
Alejandro M. Garro, Columbia Law School

The Delivery Terms and the Passing of Risk:   Drafting Clauses Related to CISG Articles 66‑70
Professor Dr. Johan Erauw, University of Ghent

V. Specific Contract Drafting Issues:   Breach and Remedies

Drafting Contracts to Deal with Insecurity and Prospective Breach (Articles 71, 72, 73(2))
Mark S. Walter, University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Dealing with Non-Conformity—A Transaction Test Analysis of CISG Regulations on Examination and Notice under Articles 38‑44 CISG
Prof. Dr. Volker Behr, University of Augsburg

Delays in Performance Under CISG
Ulrich Magnus, University of Hamburg

Dealing with Avoidance and Its Consequences:   Articles 49(2), 64(2), and 81 thru 88
Alejandro Osuna, Tijuana, Mexico

The UNCITRAL Digest, the Right to Interest, and the Interest Rate Controversy
Michael P. Van Alstine, Maryland University School of Law

Liquidated Damages, Specific Performance Clauses, Limitations on Remedies, and Attorney  Fees
Henry Deeb Gabriel, Loyola of New Orleans

Order Drafting Contracts Under the CISG