CILE Studies Volume I




The Draft UNCITRAL Digest and Beyond:

Cases, Analysis, and Unresolved Issues in the U.N. Sales Convention  


Preface: Digest of Case Law on the U.N. Sales Convention: The Combined Wisdom of Judges and Arbitrators Promoting Uniform Interpretation of the Convention Jernej Sekolek p.1
The CISG's Sphere of Application: Articles 1-3 and 10 Franco Ferrari p.21
Scope of Application: Artiles 4-5 Franco Ferrari p.96
CISG Rules on Exclusion and Derogation: Article 6 Franco Ferrari p.114
Interpretation of the Convention and Gap-Filling: Article 7 Franco Ferrari p.138
Interpretation of Statements: Article 8 Franco Ferrari p.172
Trade Usage and Practices Established Between the Parties: Article 9 Franco Ferrari p.191
Writing Requirements: Articles 11-13 Franco Ferrari p.206
CISG Foreign Case Law: How Much Regard Should We Have? Joseph Lookofsky p.216
A Commentary on Articles 1-13 and 78 Michael Bridge p.235
Comments on the Draft Digest Relating to Articles 14-24 and 66-70 Pilar Perales Viscasillas p.259
Observations on Passing of Risk Johan Erauw p.292
Beyond the Digest: Part III: Articles 25-34, 45-52 Ulrich Magnus p.319
General Provisions, Obligations of the Seller, and Remedies for Breach of Contract by the Seller Henry Gabriel p.336
Cases, Analyses and Unresolved Issues in Articles 25-34, 45-52 Alejandro M. Garro p.362
Buyer's Obligation to Give Notice of Lack of Conformity: Articles 38, 39, 40, and 44 Harry M. Flechtner p.377
Article 79 and a Transactions Test Analysis of the CISG Ronald A. Brand p.392
Revisiting the North-South Debate in Light of the Draft Digest: Articles 38, 39, and 44 Mark S. Walter p.408
Beyond the Digest: Articles 53-65 Claude Witz p.424
Buyer Obligations Under the CISG John E. Murray, Jr. p.440
Obligations of the Buyer and Remedies for the Buyer's Breach of Contract: Articles 53-65 Filip De Ly p.468
Articles 53-65 Petar Å arcevic p.482
Concluding Comments: Historic Progress, Opportunities, and the Work Ahead Harold Burman p.496

The Draft UNITRAL Digest on the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (1980)

Articles 1-13 Franco Ferrari

Articles 14-24 Peter Winship

Articles 25-34 Ulrich Magnus

Articles 35-44 Harry Flechtner

Articles 45-52 Ulrich Magnus

Articles 53-65 Claude Witz

Articles 66-77 Peter Winship

Article 78 Franco Ferrari

Articles 79-88 Harry Flechtner










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