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JURIST is pleased to host an archive of amicus briefs filed by law professors in recent (and some older) appellate cases. We anticipate that the archive will become a scholarly resource in some disciplines. In others, it may provide a mechanism for faculty to coordinate amicus efforts.

The form and formatting of the briefs varies, depending on the material available.  Some of the briefs are available in .pdf format (which requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader software); some are available in .html format.  For identification purposes, the name of each brief's principal author has been listed, along with the date the brief was submitted.  The Archive includes both briefs in which the professors themselves were amici and briefs in which professors authored briefs on behalf of others.  Briefs written by law students as part of a law school clinical program, and signed by a law professor as counsel of record, are also welcome.  

Your suggestions, of course, are welcome, as are your contributions of and links to briefs that you have authored, wholly or partly.  Please send all new material, and corrections to or clarifications of previously posted material, to the Editor of the Amicus Archive, Professor Michael Madison of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, at
Briefs by Category

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  • Demore v. Kim [.pdf]
    Professor Daniel Kanstroom, et al., October 2002

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