The Ballad of Blue Hills '05

            By Harry Flechtner © 2008

(This song is about the arbitration problem in the 15th Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot.   Professor Flechtner performed it, along with his other Vis Moot hits The CISG Song and The Mootie Blues at the competition's opening ceremony in Vienna, Austria on Friday March 14, 2008.)


Oh set me up barkeep, I've sorrows to drown.
I need something to drink that'll wash my tears down.
So pour me fine wine in a glass wide and tall.
Just make sure that its laced with  diethylene glycol.  

 2007 Vis team drinking CHORUS:
Oh, Blue Hills 2005,
a vintage that can't fail to please

2005 was a good year for Pinots and Cabs.
But a great year if you like to drink antifreeze.

With my first sip of Blue Hills
I knew I was hooked.

My brain cells were doomed
and my liver was cooked.

But I don't care if the wine store
has no Blue Hills in stock,

I just refill my glass
from my truck's engine block.



Oh, Blue Hills 2005,   on E-bay it gets the high bids.                              
Cause it's full-bodied, it's complex, it's piquant yet smooth.
It's the Dom Perignon of automotive fluids.


If the Donau were Riesling
and I was a duck,

I'd swim down to the bottom,
you know I'd never come up.


But the Donau ain't Riesling,
so I found when I dived --

Though in stretches it tastes
just like Blue Hills '05.



Oh, Blue Hills 2005, the pride of Mediterraneo's wine country.                              
A magnificent marriage of the skilled vintner's craft
And the finest by-products of a refinery.


 the performance ENDING:
Oh, Blue Hills 2005,
the best wine found at sea or on shore      

For toasting good fortune or to serve with fine food
Or to keep ice out of your car's radiator.